Nationally approved Dressage competition held annually in Tulelake, CA in June, sponsored in cooperation with ODS, USEF/USDF. Four League/Schooling shows are held each year at Tulelake Fairgrounds. 


Approved Show

June 22 & 23, 2019 — Cascade Dressage I & II, at Tulelake fairgrounds. ODS approved USEF/USDF Licensed Competition; TWO shows in one weekend. Competition on the grass with a Saturday evening dinner and auction. Download the Packet and Application.

JUDGES — Lilo Fore (S),  Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez (S)

  1. Secretary: Kaye Phaneuf,  Email: Phaneuf@canby.com
  2. Manager: Lydia Robinson,  Email: brookesophie96@yahoo.com   PH:  (541) 331-2091

2018 Approved Show Results:

Saturday Results 

Sunday Results


Schooling Shows 2018 

Schooling Show Prices — $25 Adult, $20 Junior / Young Rider.


SHOW SECRETARY: Lydia Robinson

10852 Hwy 66, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 (541)331-2091


CC-ODS WEBSITE: www.ccods.org           

Show Series — JUNE 16,  JULY 28-29,  SEPT 15

June 16 Holly Griswold
League Judge
Tulelake/Butte Valley Fairgrounds
800 Main, Tulelake, CA
July 28-29 Kimberlee Barker
League Judge
Tulelake/Butte Valley Fairgrounds
800 Main, Tulelake, CA
Sept 15 TBA
League Judge
Tulelake/Butte Valley Fairgrounds
800 Main, Tulelake, CA


1. USDF Intro Test A (Walk/Trot Test)                       

2. USDF Intro Test B (Walk/Trot Test)                       

3. USDF Intro Test C                        

4. Training Level Test 1

5. Training Level Test 2              

6. Training Level Test 3              

7. First Level Test 1                        

8. First Level Test 2                        

9. First Level Test 3

10. Second Level Test 1

11. Second Level Test 2

12. Second Level Test 3

13. Third Level – specify test**

14. Fourth Level – specify test**

15. Prix Caprilli Test 1 (For horses with jump experience showing at Training Level or above with 3 jump efforts at a max height of 2’) - This class will require a minimum of 3 riders in order to be held.

16. Prix Caprilli Test 2 (For horses with jump experience showing at First Level or above with 3 jump efforts at a max height of 2’6”)  - This class will require a minimum of 3 riders in order to be held.

17. Freestyle – level of choice

18. Dressage Trail (Purpose: To have fun!)

19. Dressage Suitability — Judge concentrates on horse’s purity of gaits, conformation and general impression.

20. Dressage Seat Equitation — Judged on rider’s performance, control of horse, use of riding aids, correct form, cleanliness and polish of horse, rider, and equipment.

If you are interested in class 19 or 20 please let the show secretary know and she will discuss the availability of these classes with the judge for that show.

Western Dressage CLASS LIST

Please go to the website below and add the class/classes you would like to enter on the entry form. You can also download the tests at www.usef.org website. Search Western Dressage Tests and they are available there to download and/or print. If you need help with this please contact Lydia Robinson, Schooling Show Secretary.  

Show Information:

Call or Email Show Secretary for Judge and/or Location or Questions, if needed. 

SPECIFY RIDING — OPEN, JUNIOR, 4-H/PONY CLUB, for each test ridden. Same horse/rider combination can enter a class only once. A horse can be shown in a maximum of three classes.

You do not need to be a member of Oregon Dressage Society or Cascade Chapter in order to show but if you would like to qualify for year-end awards you do need to be a member of the Cascade Chapter of the Oregon Dressage Society.

**Third level & above rides are not eligible for ODS League Show awards.


1. Intro through Fourth level Traditional Dressage.  

2. Intro through Level 3 Western Dressage.

3. Beginner Novice through Intermediate Dressage.


Ribbons 1st through 6th place. Scores will count toward CC ODS year end awards for CC ODS members. A horse/rider combination must compete at a minimum of 3 shows to be eligible for year-end awards. League shows approved for year-end ODS state awards**.

Entry Forms

Use standard ODS League entry form. Fees: $25.00 per class for Adults and $20.00 for Juniors. Enclose copy of ODS card with entry.


Please note: For League shows on entry sheet - $1.00 per ride for ODS awards.

If there is room for late entries, or if entries are received after the closing date, a $5.00 charge will apply in addition to all other fees. Closing date will be 1 week prior to show date.

Make check payable to: Cascade Chapter, and mail to show secretary.


Will be emailed or phoned. Classes could be scheduled out of order.


Contact the Tulelake Fairgrounds for arrangements office at 530-667-5312 or Contact the Klamath County Fairgrounds for arrangements at 541-883-3796.


Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds — 800 Main Steet, Tulelake, CA  96134
5 miles from Merrill, Oregon, just off Hwy 39/Hwy 139.


FOOTING:  Grass for warm-up and competition.

CONCESSIONS:  Please plan to bring your lunch.

VOLUNTEERS: Always needed. Please let show secretary know when you can help and in what capacity.

REFUNDS: No entries refunded after closing date without a veterinarian’s and/or doctor’s certificate. A service fee of $7.50 will be deducted from all refunds.

OTHER: Dogs are discouraged, but must be on a leash if brought to the show. Boots & helmets with harness required for all riders. 

Gators & half chaps allowed. Turnout must be neat and tidy.

All horses brought to show grounds must be entered in the show.

All CC-ODS shows in this series follow ODS League Show General Rules.

Horses are not allowed to show in protective boots, warm up is fine, but please remove before entering the arena.

USEF/USDF RULE:  At any time while mounted on the competition grounds, all riders must wear protective headgear. Protective headgear is defined as a riding helmet which meets or exceeds ATM/SEI standards for equestrian use & carries the SEI tag. It is suggested that a helmet be worn while lunging for safety.